Rafal Majka leverages off moto 2014 TdF
GC contenders were looking to make back time or limit time loss over these two mountain stages. Pinot made some big moves along with Kwiatkowski, while Valverde and Rodriguez tried to hold on to 2nd overall and the mountains jersey respectively. Great viewing, but sometimes with the race so spread out on the climbs, it made for a lot of mental arithmetic to calculate current standings!
Previous posts such as Stage 13 & 14 (specific climbing training), Stage 11 (pacing with a power meter), Stage 10 (climbing power analysis) and others go into some of the training, racing and strategies of climbing. Below are a couple of links looking at power files from last years tour. They look at how to interpret and what to look for when reviewing such files.

Video highlights and live coverage links

Stage 16

Stage 17

Stage 18

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