…the two Tonys feature again!

This time Tony Martin sets up Michal Kwiatkowski for the end of the stage and Tony Gallopin shows everyone how it’s done. Gallopin has such great technique and position on the bike when going solo (in contrast to say…the other French rider often in breaks) and is definitely a rider to try to copy. Watch the video below of the final 3km to show how he outfoxes Sagan who must choose to chase, and risk losing the sprint or hope someone else chases and risk not catching Gallopin.

Pacing with Power in Races

During this years tour, I’m sure you’ve seen many of the riders watching their srm or Garmin while in a breakaway or Froome in last years tour checking his power meter on the climbs. What are they doing you ask? Well they are carefully controlling their efforts to maximise their performance in the race.

A power meter is not only useful for guiding training and evaluating races, it can also be used to guide your efforts during races. I’m sure you can all see the benefit during a TT, but a road race? Here is a recent article in the Powertap news discussing how you can improve your performance using power pacing strategies in all events…Pacing with Power in Competition

Video highlights and live coverage links – huge mountain stage tonight!

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