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Why is Fitlab better?

Our use of physiological testing to gain accurate information about your performance as well as our experienced and qualified coaches application of that information makes Fitlab a step up.

Why do I need to test?

The knowledge gained from the test helps you to train key physiological areas in a targeted way, as it doesn’t assume them, but measures them directly. Basically, Fitlab testing shows you how you produce that power, rather than just measuring it (e.g. as with FTP, time trial tests and critical powers).

Measure, measure and measure again! “I know when I’m fast” you say? How? “I’m beating my buddies on the hills”. What if they are going worse than normal?

Testing gives a performance measure against known values. You know when you are going better (compare your new test with past tests) and when you are race ready (comparing your test against known values for your level of racing). You can asses how you responded to training (compare a test after a block of training with a test before the block) and keep your training zones accurate and up to date, meaning more efficient and beneficial training (everyone is different so Fitlab takes key physiological measures to calculate your zones).

This sort of testing is only for the pros, right?

While professional riders use the same testing and scientific training methods, the principles apply to all. Measuring each riders unique physiology ensures plans target specific requirements accurately.

How do I know it will work?

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what other people (like you) are saying about Fitlab. Testimonial snippets and links. list different types eg juniors, masters, elite, girls etc.

Why would I choose Fitlab over other coaches?

Fitlab takes your unique, cycling specific, physiological measures and uses them to craft a scientifically grounded training plan. Fitlab coaches have an ideal blend of race and coaching experience (from local club races to international one day and stage races, working with road, track and mountainbike, junior to elite, womens and masters). Sport science degree level qualified ensures Fitlab is a balance of head, coaching and race knowledge. Coach Link

I already have a coach, why would I use Fitlab?

Great! Fitlab works with other coaches too, providing physiological data and accurate training zones to help them coach you in a more scientific way.

Is it worth the money?

Fitlab testing and training plans are grounded in science and experience, whereas most other coaches have one or the other, but rarely both. We price our plans to have a level to suit everyone, so with Fitlab, you know the money you spend returns dividends. Think about what you spend on the sport, you can easily spend $4,000 on a nice set of wheels, but if you don’t have form to make them fly then you are just another poser. Invest in your performance, then you can justify some fast kit! Dollar for dollar, spending money here makes the biggest difference.

Do I just get emailed my training plan and left to my own devices?

Not at all! We have different levels of plan to suit everyone. Communication is key to keep on top of training and recovery. The different levels of plan help to facilitate this in different ways, whether regular calls, skypes or emails, txts or messaging, staying in touch helps your training run smoothly and gives us the ability to make changes as required. We also monitor training files to enable us to track recovery, review various performance indicators and generally help you apply the plan to the road, track or trails.

Can I get the benefit of Fitlab without paying?

You could read lots of books and websites, trying to find the best training methods, which ones work, which don’t, try some out, ask other people and see if it works etc. Then, find an experienced old rider who has been there and done that, and get them to teach you the tricks of the trade…sound time consuming, hit and miss and just plain too hard? With Fitlab, you have this all at your finger tips …plus you have the our experienced coaches apply the science and your unique physiological to your individual needs.

You could also try our example prep plan, designed to prepare you to start structured training (bear in mind this is generic and not customized to your needs and your zones will be approximate – but it will give you an insight into how our plans work)

I want to talk to a real person and don't want to leave my details online!

Give us a call or drop us an email! We are passionate cyclists too and would love to hear from you! Got a training or racing question? Let us know. All questions welcome!

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