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Cycling Analytics Features

  • Ride alert emails (detailed description of tomorrow’s ride to your inbox)
  • Critical power curve allows comparisons (see how you stack up compared to yourself and others)
  • Fexi-Charts allow in depth data analysis
  • Monthly summary data at a glance easy – tracking of training stress and peak power data
  • Easy upload and sharing with Strava (social sharing/competition) & Golden Cheetah (stand alone in depth analysis software)
  • Bulk upload and download (in original file format) for total control of your ride files
  • No advertising
  • Can’t duplicate a ride by mistake
  • Great coach/athlete communication
  • Right/left balance torque analysis (for those with right/left power meters such as Garmin Vector pedals)
  • Where power data is missing, TRIMP is used to fill the gaps on your performance manager chart
  • “Find intervals” feature can be used to locate intervals in ride files
  • “Find intervals” feature can be used to locate and track efforts in races
  • Easy review of training data and historical record
  • Simple, clean interface to view, use and read data
  • Check it out here

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