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Our Purpose

make riders fast • optimize your time and potential • provide pro level training for all

How do we do it?

• accurate measurement of form and zones using real world lactate tests, power and body composition

• scientific and pro level experience applied to your training plan design

FItlab Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment

Providing essential physiological data to evaluate your cycling performance. Retest every 8 weeks to monitor improvements and re-evaluate zones. Testing includes: full lactate profile (heart rate and power), threshold data, body composition, predicted VO2max, peak aerobic power, peak lactate etc… $150

Fitlab Pro Level Training Plans

Training Plans

Fitlab coaches use proven scientific methods, coupled with your test data to accurately prescribe customized, daily training that works. Our training plans are completely customized to your needs, goals and schedule. They are regularly monitored via coach contact and training data; and can be adjusted to suit your progress, lifestyle, goals and schedule.  They also include discounts on testing and other perks. Available Worldwide! Starting from: from $29.50 a week

Available Locations

New Zealand: Wellington, Tauranga and Christchurch. We can also arrange to come to you for groups of 8+.If you are elsewhere in the World, talk to us as we can use other methods to assess and start you on a Fitlab training plan.   Maps of Fitlab Test Locations

Fitlab Testimonials


“Fitness testing has become an important part of my training over the last few seasons. Working with Fitlab has made this testing easy, with on-road tests providing me with the most realistic and accurate information possible. Any questions I’ve had about the testing process and how to make use of the test results have been answered clearly and simply.”

– Dan Barry (Pro Cyclist at Budget Forklifts)

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