Erg Workouts on Smart Trainers

If you want to get the absolute best bang for your buck from limited time for training, you can’t do better than using erg workouts on a smart trainer.


What is an ‘Erg Workout’?

An ‘erg’ workout is short for ergometer. It’s a workout that you program into software that interacts with your smart trainer. You create the workout by inputting the exact power levels, and times for your workout components, and the smart trainer automatically adjusts the resistance as you ride. You don’t need to change gears, just pedal at the best RPM for you, and the trainer does the rest.

This means that you have no choice but to ride at the exact power levels that your workout calls for with zero wasted time. You can create warm-ups, intervals, warm downs, sprints, and any of the components of a workout that you normally do, at the exact level your workout calls for.   


Tacx Erg File Example

An example of a workout using Tacx Cloud






What You Will Need

  • You’ll need a smart trainer that can interact with the workout program via your laptop or phone. DC Rainmaker does an excellent annual review of what’s available: DC Rainmaker Annual Trainer Recommendations
  • You’ll need to create your workouts in one of the platforms available. Here’s a good list: Bike Radar Best Indoor Cycling Apps
  • Indoor training is hot! Have a towel, plenty of water and ideally set up a nice big fan in front of you.
  • Keep workouts to less than 90 Minutes. Smart trainers are a great training tool, but its hard to stay motivated for long workouts indoors.   

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