Updated November 21 by Andrew Jamieson

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at cycling recovery and nutrition. The third and final post in this series is during workout recovery and nutrition.

Post Workout Recovery and Nutrition for Cycling

• Active warm down (spin easily for 5-15 minutes after each session – the longer the better – 5 minutes is the absolute

• Take a high carbohydrate drink immediately after a workout to replace fluids and glycogen stores. Consider a 1:4 ratio of protein:carbohydrate to improve recovery.
• Consume a high carb meal, with some quality protein, within 2 hours of the workout (the sooner the better e.g. within 20-30 minutes)
• After strength, intervals or long endurance sessions consume 0.5g/kg of protein (e.g. a whey protein product or a tin of Salmon etc) within 30-60 minutes
• Apply the pro cyclist rule of thumb: Why stand when you can sit, why sit when you can sit with your feet up, why sit with your feet up when you can lie down.

Other things like massage, compression socks, electrical muscle stimulation etc have some effect, but the cool down and nutrition (timing and composition) are the big wins.


That’s a wrap for now on recovery and nutrition, be sure to check out all three parts to get the total picture!

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