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Over the next few weeks will we take a look at cycling recovery and nutrition. The first in this series is pre workout recovery and nutrition.

What you do before you even begin a workout can make a huge difference to how well you recover after the session.

Pre Workout Recovery and Nutrition for Cycling

Warm up – Training
  • warm up well to ensure your aerobic system is running well. 10-15 minutes in a lower aerobic zone (Fitlab zones L1-2 or 65-70% max HR or 50-60% of LT/FTP power). Start at the low end and build up. Include a couple of 1 minute blocks at 110-120 rpm and an easy gear.
  • If you plan on doing some intensity or intervals in the session then include 1min at L4 (100% FTP) to get your system cranking
Warm up – Racing
  • Simple Race Warm-Up – 20mins (borrowed from Team Sky)1. 5 mins light (L1 – 60% FTP)
    2. 8 mins progressive to L5 (110% FTP)
    3. 2 mins easy (L1)
    4. 2 mins (L1-2 – 60-85% FTP) to include – 3 x 6s accelerations to activate
    5. 3 mins easy (L1)

    Finish the warm up as close as possible to the start of the event (this is to prevent oxygen uptake from returning to baseline levels).

  • Eat the last main meal 3 hours before the event. This should be high in carbohydrates and low in fat.
  • Consume a small high carbohydrate snack 1.5 hours before the event. This could be some cereal, sports drink and bar or similar.
  • Ensure you are well hydrated in the 24 hours leading to the workout (pee should be a light straw colour).

Obviously you will be apply this more seriously during competition, but the more you do this during training the more you will set yourself up to recover well from each session and therefore get more benefit from training.


Next week: During Workout Recovery and Nutrition for Cycling

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