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As yet unpublished research bathed muscle cells in bicarbonate compared to a salt solution (both of these are with no exercise). After three days there was an increase in mitochondrial protein of 50%. The cell also took on characteristics of an
endurance trained cell (increased energy consumption at rest, increased glucose transport, increased glucose and lactate transporters).
One note of caution is that it is recommended to decrease salt intake as consuming baking soda also provides sodium to the body. 14g of baking soda provides  the same sodium as 9.6g of salt (RDA for salt is 6g/day). Athletes do lose more salt due to sweat loss so there is debate over whether this is a problem over a long time frame. It does make sense though to reduce dietary sodium intake while consuming baking soda on a day to day basis.

Fitlab Recommendations

Firstly while taking baking soda it is recommended that you reduce salt in your diet to a minimum. Also those whose doctors suggest reduced salt in their diet should avoid baking soda supplementation.
Before high intensity workouts,  such as intervals, consume 0.1g/kg of body weight at 90 minutes and again at 30 minutes prior to the activity. The bicarbonate will stay elevated in the muscles for 80 minutes after this so aim to do your efforts by this time. The ideal interval type would be VO2max, AT/LT, big gear etc (efforts of around AT/LT intensity or higher and 3 minutes plus in length. Generally high intensity aerobic workouts).
Using the above dose recommendations can be used during competition also, but it would be prudent to try it during training or a low priority event to test how it effects your gut.
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