Pretty similar scenario to Stages 1-4 with a break going early and the bunch maintaining tempo in order to catch them with 10-20km to go. See my blog post on Stage 4 to look at the kind of effort (in terms of power) these guys do both in the bunch and in the break.  

1 km to go attack

Kwiatkowski showed everyone how to ride a bike when he took a flyer 1km from the finish (see video of the final km below). This guy is a rider to watch both in this tour and in years to come. He seems to be good at everything! The sort of power an effort like this requires is somewhere in the range of 800+w for one minute. or over 12w/kg (depending on how aero you can get).

Jack Bauer repairs his own bike Stage 6 2014 TdF

Jack of all trades? 

(sorry for the Dad joke) but Jack Bauer was caught doing his own bike repairs on stage 6 after what looked like a minor off. (video coverage of repair)


Video highlights and live coverage links

Stage 6 Summary Video

Last km of stage 6 – check out Kwiatkowski!

Importance of cooling down

Live coverage of stage 7

Sky boss explains re-calibrating goals – good attitude

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