A straight forward sprinters stage today (early break that gets caught a few km’s from the finish…or does it).

I bet the breakaway boys were hoping for more than just the two of them!
Kittel would typically produce around 1800 watts peak during the final kick to the line. He is not one to reveal his numbers though. In a recent interview with VeloNews:

“Of course, I know my data and power output. It’s a big science, and I like to compare it to motor sports,” Kittel said. “The reason I would like to keep my numbers to myself, is when someone else knows my power output, it’s possible to create a strategy around it. When people know how much I can output on a climb, then they could go that much harder to drop me, so that’s why I prefer to keep it to myself.” Read more at VN

Power Data

Also, Training Peaks has been kind enough to share some power data from the first two days racing.

Michael Rogers and Luke Durbridge Training Peaks

Video highlights and live coverage links

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