Another day a little like yesterday, but with even more little ups  and downs. Comparative to the Amstel Gold Classic. This time there were some 18+ climbs of 2km or more, with 4 or 5 of these from 3.5 to 9km.
Since Ted King did a fair bit of work today, I thought I’d post one of his efforts again, this time from a shorter climb of 2km (see Strava image).

  • Note: as Strava doesn’t account for Ted being in a bunch of very fast TdF riders, and their subsequent awesome drafting effect, it is best for us to look at power outputs from a hill effort. There’s no hiding on a 10% climb! We need to remember it is still a prediction though. As the tour progresses, riders actual srm and power files will be posted which will be interesting to review.

Video highlights and live coverage links

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