According to Cycling Weekly, Zwift is a indoor trainer game that enables you to link you indoor trainer up your computer, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV, letting you ride with other cyclists in a virtual world environment.

With Zwift, you can  compete against others riders in Zwift racers, ride in created group rides, specific set workouts or just ride on selected courses. If you race or do a group ride it is good to know your FTP (functional threshold) or lactate threshold that Fitlab tests in our Performance Assessment. Knowing this number helps you best select which race category to compete in, group to ride with or correct levels for set workouts.

Why use Zwift?

Zwift can be used on rainy days or days that you don’t want to be outside. However, many cyclists are trending to use Zwift to do specific workouts or races even on sunny days! No wind, cars, punctures or other variables that can affect set workouts.

What do you need to Zwift?

  • Indoor trainer (Any will work: smart trainer, direct drive, rear wheel mount or rollers)
  • Windows PC, Mac, Apple TV, iPad/iPhone or Android tablet
  • ANT+ or Bluetooth receiver e.g. usb dongle or built into phone, pc, ipad etc
  • Ant+ or Bluetooth heart rate strap (optional)
  • Ant+ or Bluetooth Power meter
  • Smartphone (Optional for the Zwift Companion app)
  • Fan (Optional but advised)
  • Towel (Optional but advised)


So there goes a very basic introduction to Zwift. Happy Zwifting! Join the Fitlab team at which is a platform that once registered shows race results, power profile and other neat features.

  • There will part 2 as a follow up on this article on Zwift race tips.

Further Reading/Watching

There are many websites and videos that can give a wealth of information on how to set up using Zwift. The three links below are a great starting place.

Set Up Tips from Zwift Insider

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