Scotti Andrews

Scotti Andrews

About: Masters Mountainbiker

Services: Performance Assessment Cycling and Training Plan -Wellington

Started with Fitlab: August 2013

Tools: Garmin GPS cycle computer and heart monitor

A brief history, I raced bmx in the 70’s-80’s and took up road cycling and mtb in the early 90’s, doing some road rides (Tours of Wanganui, Manawatu and Hawkes Bay). There was only one MTB trail in Palmy North – Kahuterewa (k-loop as its called now) and it was very raw, not like the wicked sculpted trails there now (big ups to Manawatu MTB club).

I still ride both MTB and Road (and some CX as well) but my true love has always been MTB. In 1995 did Heaphy Track, Rameka Track and Abel Tasman(at night and illegal (sorry DOC).

I have recently been diagnosed with a genetic blood disorder called Haemochromotosis which doesn’t allow my body 2 process iron so i have struggled with fatigue, stomach cramping and high heart rate which has hindered me without me knowing.
But now that I have it under control (thanks to NZ Blood), I have rediscovered my love for riding and racing, so the next step was to employ a coach with a like mind and a great person to talk to.

Random reading PNP newsletter and Fitlab doing lactate and power testing, hmmmm don’t know what that is but sounds mean….
Enter Andrew Jamieson – little younger than me, young family (same situation) and a former top cyclist with a desire for facts and figures (appeals to my inner geekdom).

Chatted and tested – quality bloke. First programme incorps indoor trainer as I don’t have a lot of spare time with a two year old and a one year old. There is also some gym strengthening work – great plan. He’s on Facebook and email as well as phone, so is on call for chats – getting my moneys worth there.

I would recommend these guys anytime and when we are in his neck of the woods over Christmas I shall be going riding with him for sure.
Fitlab are your one stop shop for all things biking and did i mention they test some of our best in NZ (Jack Bauer)!

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