Scott McDonnell

Scott McDonnell

About: Masters Road Cyclist

Services: Performance Assessment Cycling and Training Plan -Christchurch

Started with Fitlab: February 2011

Tools: SRM crank based power meter

In my youth, I raced all around NZ competing in all the major events. This led me to race internationally for both NZ teams and a Swiss team. Nowadays, however, being in my forties with a large family of 7 and a teaching career, I race local races such as the Benchmark series, Le Race and other open events.
I have known Andrew at Fitlab for many years through cycle racing and friendship. He has always been intrigued by training and racing methods and has had a thirst to learn more. Andrew’s training methods are both scientific and practical for he understands that most people are trying to juggle their time with jobs, partners, family and training!
I have used Fitlab for many years now to benchmark and track my progress. It helps me to monitor if my training is being effective and where areas of improvement are needed. Andrew has also provided me with training programmes which have helped me achieve my goals. With my busy lifestyle, I don’t have a lot of spare time so I want to maximise my training time effectively and having regular testing ensures me of this.

I would personally recommend Fitlab’s services, from beginner to elite, to scientifically test your abilities and progress. It will help set your training zones and goals using given heart rate or power values to ensure you are training effectively.

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