Scott Barr

Scott Barr

About: Masters Road Cyclist Wellington NZ

Services: Performance Assessment Cycling and Training Plan -Wellington

Started with Fitlab: April 2013

Tools: Garmin 500 Ant+ HRM and GPS

I am a 16 year old cross-country mountain biker that races at national level. I have been doing New Zealand races for the last four years and in those four years I have won three different New Zealand titles in three consecutive years. I have competed in 12 New Zealand races coming away with eight 1st places and two 2nd ‘s. I have also won two South Island Tittles along with regional mountain bike and road titles. I could not have achieved these results without the help from Fitlab and my sponsors, Giant Bicycles New Zealand, Village Cycles, O2B Healthy and Blacktop Boost. I am currently moving into the under 19 category hoping for some good results.
Fitlab has helped me to not only achieve great results but also to become a stronger rider. The way in which this has been done is with specific training to my sport that then relates to aspects of the races that I compete in. Fitlab has also helped me with any questions or information that I may seek or need further input to help become a better and stronger rider. With the training program Fitlab has produced for me I am certainly feeling stronger & stronger as I move towards the start of the 2014 race season.
I have found the communication and support Fitlab offers to me is most helpful and it is never an issue to make contact and ask questions. My training plan offers a lot of various training methods which is good as 1: I get to discover new training techniques and 2: It keeps me committed to my training since I am not getting bored and sick of it.
I would recommend Fitlab as they are always willing to help and not only have a lot of experience as coaches, but as riders as well, which means they understand the aspects of the sport and training.
I would highly recommend Fitlab if you are seeking help or a training programme. They are a friendly team that are always there for support. I feel that fitlab have helped me with further development in my sport of mountain biking, Fitlab’s training programmes have also helped to produce very successful riders in the sport of cycling and mountain biking.

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