Merrin Brewster

Merrin Brewster


About: Competitive Masters Women Mountain Biker

Services: Training Plan -Dunedin

Started with Fitlab: July 2011

Tools: Stages crank based Ant+ power meter

Fitlab has helped to rest more! The structured and gradual programme has helped me get stronger and fitter by balancing the ‘hard-out’ with the rest. Previously, I was riding a lot, but not gaining (in fact, I was often tired).It’s a relief to leave the training programme in the hands of an expert and just go out and ‘do it’, knowing that Fitlab is seeing the ‘big picture’ and has it all under control.

Effective training programmes are an art and a science. It is good to know that Fitlab have experience in top-class racing and riding. They also have formal university level education and know the science behind physical training, and keep up to date with new developments in the area of the science of sport.

Going through an episode of depression last year, I really appreciated Fitlab taking that situation into consideration and structuring a programme around what I could achieve within a sometimes limited capacity. It helped to keep me exercising and focussing on small things that were attainable.

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