Mark Drew

About: Weekend warrior

Services: Coaching

Coach: Steve Bale

Started with Fitlab: February 2017

Tools: Cycling Analytics

I decided to get Steve’s help once I had locked in my”big hairy”¬† travel plans for Kathmandu. Although the Annapurna Circuit is not a race it is still a huge mental and physical challenge taking you over Thorong La Pass at 5400mtrs.
I needed¬† a plan that would not only get me physically fit but also something that would keep the training interesting, as it was going to take me through winter!! Once you get over 4000mtrs many parts of the terrain are “hike a bike” so I also needed to build this into my training.

I found the programs to be great (by great I mean challenging!!) There’s no point ticking the box of an epic adventure and then not doing the right preparation.

My tour party had some strong riders that seemed to climb the mountain like goats!! What I found interesting was the higher we got the stronger I felt. This is when you think back to all those hill repeats,or hike a bike sessions…….yep, coach knew what he was doing!!

There was just the right amount of “coach contact” for my program. Keeping me accountable with a genuine interest in how I felt the program and my goals were progressing.

Look, I would have made this MTB trip without this program. My reason for getting Steve involved from the beginning was so that I would maximise this experience. For me that meant getting used to riding hills and carrying my MTB for hours. I didn’t want to “just make it to the end” of each day. I wanted to know I left some sweat on the trails and challenged myself. You’re surrounded by EPIC mountain peaks and scenery that takes your breath away.

The real proof of the success of this program is we’re about to start another block of training as I build up to my next adventure.
I would have dodged Fitlab if I thought I wasn’t getting the results I needed.

It’s not just for the “pointy end’ athletes. Set a goal and go chase it down!!!!!

Plus I get to tell the wife “I need to ride more” because the coach has it in my program……..GOLD!!


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