Lee Griggs

Lee Griggs

About: Road Cyclist

Services: Performance Assessment Cycling and Training Plan -Wellington

Started with Fitlab: April 2011

Tools: Garmin GPS

After an extended break from riding competitively as a junior in the UK, I decided to get back in the saddle and see if I still had the legs from my past.
18months in the saddle, I had managed to get myself back to a reasonable level of fitness and club racing again, but I had plateaued and left dealing with the frustrations that come with it!
I turned to Fitlab for some help. Andrews knowledge and experience had what I needed to reach the next level. The science Andrew incorporates to training and testing is invaluable, leaving you rest assured that every training session you complete will improve your riding and fitness. Also seeing the finer details that the fitness testing shows, can help you appreciate the smaller physiological changes your body is undergoing, helping explain further the real science and theory behind the training and how your body is adapting to it.
If you’ve hit a plateau, want to reach an important goal, or want to discover the true potential of your body, I have no doubt Fitlab has what it takes to get you there.

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