John Grimwood

About: Masters Road

Services: Coaching, Testing

Coach: Steve Bale

Started with Fitlab: October 2016

Tools: Stages Power Meter, Garmin Head Unit


I started working with Steve a bit over a year ago.  I was a keen punter really, trying improve my performance but getting disheartened with not making any progress – despite the increasing time and effort being applied.  So on the recommendation of a friend I talked to Steve, went through the Fitlab performance assessment process and got into it.
And it’s gone really well.  The numbers tell the story but the progress is more tangible too – how much better my body works during a race and how much quicker I recover after one – leaving me raring to go again.  In hindsight, a year ago I was surviving an event (then taking weeks to get over it) – now I’m racing.  The last month I raced MTB and road events weekly and topped it off with my first Taupo, getting around in 4:28.
Steve has been great.  The programme works to meet my goals which include accommodating the family (and work).  As well as tracking and interpreting the numbers (he is a numbers geek) I get tons of real world advice on race courses, tactics and nutrition.  Not having a cycle racing background means that’s all been gold for me.
Totally recommend Steve and the Fitlab team.

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