Helen Beattie

About: Masters Road/TT Rider, Competing at Regional and National Level

Services: Coaching, Testing

Coach: Steve Bale

Started with Fitlab: July 2015

Tools: Stages Power Meter, Garmin Head Unit


“Steve’s possibly one of the most argumentative SOBs you’ll ever come across…. I recommend initiating a discussion about Trump, feminism, fat fuelling (oh, wait – I was right about that one…). Despite these irritating and pervasive personality flaws, #supercoachstevebale does have a passion for cycling, and data geeking, that is second to none. No detail is too small, and every stone is turned in the pursuit of excellence, and those extra few seconds.
To give dues, where due, he manages my OTT and high maintenance issues seamlessly, and my very busy life and work schedule with aplomb. He never makes me feel bad that I can’t fit stuff in, and always shuffles training as required when life gets out of control. He’s pretty tolerant when I decide to run up and down a mountain, and then can’t walk or train for a week.
He does make me feel like a bastard for not buying a new Garmin.
His quiet (and not so quiet) needling, niggling and general whining get him what he wants most of the time – at the expense of large wads of cash exiting my bank account (TT bike, disc wheel, 2, yes, that’s TWO – power meters), BUT in return I get to go really fast, and have really nice gear, and have a pretty decent race record to show for it.
In the end it’s a love-love relationship, despite my grumbling. I love working with super-coach, and feel very lucky and blessed that our paths crossed. #dreamteam.

However, I can’t recommend him. There’d be less time for me. And that will end badly. #princesshelen… ”

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