Grant Ngarewa

Grant Ngarewa

About: Masters Road Cyclist Wellington NZ

Services: Performance Assessment Cycling and Training Plan -Wellington

Started with Fitlab: April 2013

Tools: Quarc crank based Ant+ power meter

I have been riding for close to 4 years, participating in fun rides for 2 of those and club racing for just over a year. I am competitive by nature and train frequently so I can enjoy the bunch rides and weekend races. I wanted to improve my riding so the next step for me was to measure and analyze my capabilities with the help of science. Fitlab provided a physiological assessment of my fitness and current form. I was able to analyze the data and understand the areas l needed to work on after all science does not lie. From there Andrew developed a plan based on my racing goals and the areas of development identified from the testing. Having a good understanding of my physical  strengths, weaknesses and abilities has been very beneficial. The results from the testing highlighted key areas I needed to work on to become a better all rounded rider. The training plans are structured, specific and measurable so each ride has a purpose and there are no time wasting rides. No matter what level you are if you want to improve as an athlete then understanding your mechanical, physical and biochemical capabilities are key.  The data is presented in an easy to understand format and designed to compare and measure your progress. The training plans are well structured and factor in the results of the tests and your goals.  Fitlab is fairly unique because it offers both services and at a very good cost. I highly recommend Fitlab to anyone who wants to become fitter, faster, stronger or healthier.

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