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Ethan Batt

About: Elite/U23 Rider with Mobius-Bridgelane Continental Team
Services: Coaching, Testing
Started with Fitlab: July 2018
Tools: 4iiii Precision Power Meter, Garmin 520
Until I started with Andrew’s coaching I had been using a very old school approach to training based around lots of long rides and huge weeks. It had sort of been working but I would often get sick at the end of a tour or block of racing plus mentally it was quite tiring. While I was often competitive I was lacking the power or strength necessary for the key points in the race.
When I came back from racing in the US I started with Andrew’s coaching. The difference was quite substantial. He reduced my volume and was much more specific and targeted with my efforts. Andrew’s whole plan was backed by regular testing so I knew accurately what my power zones were, what I needed to work on and how I was progressing. This was quite a different approach for me and the first time that I’d ever trained using a power meter. Thankfully Andrew took the time to explain to me in simple terms what we were doing and how the plan was going to work for me. I really enjoy the daily emails telling me what I’m working on the next day. Andrew is always happy to answer any of my questions and makes the effort to make sure that everything is understandable.
The Tour of Southland was my first major event since starting with Andrew. The difference that his training has made in a three months is astounding. I had my best tour ever – winning the U23 and KOM Jerseys as well as 7th Overall while working for our GC rider (who won overall). I felt strong the whole race and didn’t suffer from the regular colds that I used to at the end of the tour. My result is a testament to the training and commitment that Andrew and the Fitlab team offer. I highly recommend them. If this is what three months of Fitlab training can achieve then I’m excited to see what my next season will bring!

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