Dylan Vile

Dylan Vile

About: Junior Road and MTB Cyclist

Services: Performance Assessment Cycling and Training Plan – Marlborough

Started with Fitlab: May 2013

Tools: Powertap hub based power meter

I am a 2nd year junior U19 rider who only entered into the racing side of road cycling 2 years ago. I started off as a mountain biker in my early years and grew to incorporate road cycling in my training as I became more serious. I began competing at national level in my mountain biking and kept looking for ways to better my training. This eventually led to road racing and I immediately caught the bug. It only took a couple of months of road racing and I was converted. Up until this point I had never been coached so I lacked focus and specificity in my training. Because of this I would struggle to find the motivation to train when I never really knew what exactly I was doing. Then a friend, noticing how I was getting pretty serious, suggested I talk to Andrew about coaching because he thought with a solid training program behind me, I could take my cycling to the next level.
Since I started training with Fitlab I have noticed huge improvements in my strength as a rider which has allowed me to compete at national level in road cycling and elite level through the Benchmark Homes series. I am a fairly methodical person so having a training program in front of me telling me what to do every day really helps; it also keeps me well motivated. The training programs provided by Fitlab are well structured and clear so you only really have to talk to Andrew once every 8 weeks! I have every confidence in Andrew’s qualifications as a cycling coach because he not only has the elite level experience; he also has the knowledge to back it up, just have a yarn to him and you will get what I mean.
Andrew is also very helpful when it comes to structuring your program around your everyday life and scheduling in races. The testing which can be carried out as frequently as you wish also provides a really good indication of where you are at physically and also tracks your progress so you can accurately monitor improvements to determine which training is most beneficial to you personally. Fitlab also provides the unique opportunity to ride in the Benchmark Homes elite cycling series as it often has a team in the event, which allows you to gain invaluable experience.

I would highly recommend Fitlab if you want to improve as a rider. Coaching is the most cost effective way to improve your speed, far better than any equipment you can buy, and Fitlab’s training methods are scientific and proven to make a difference so experience it for youself!

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