Dan Moore

About: Multisporter

Services: Performance Assessment Cycling – Marlborough

Started with Fitlab: June 2011

Tools: Garmin GPS

I would describe myself as a committed multisport and endurance athlete who try’s to fit as much around a busy work schedule as possible. In this regard I am realistic about my goals for any given year and try to focus on performing well in a handful of key events. Trying to compete at an elite level on limited training hours means I need to be very effective in using every training session well.

For a long time I was self trained and relied on personal experience and advice from others on what constituted ‘good training’. This led to some good successes in my sport but also a number of injuries and periods of overtraining and poor performance.

Because I live in an isolated environment (I work at Outward Bound NZ in the Marlborough sounds) this means I don’t have a competitive environment close at hand.

Fitlab helped identify key zones for training at the right intensity across different disciplines. This was key to identifying the right training zone while ‘in session’ and also for not getting caught in a training trap I.e. too much power or speed work.

I found Fitlab’s product very easy to use and understand. The process of gaining a baseline i.e. VO2max, efficiency or lactate threshold may sound very advanced, however if you want to improve as an athlete these measures help you to track that improvement as well as identify where you currently train and in which zone you would gain most benefit.

The dialogue with staff and the supporting resource I.e. individualized training zones to help you identify where you should be training for a given session, form a key resource to give to your coach and work to direct a personalized training plan.

I would recommend Fitlab to all levels of athlete wanting to improve their performance in sport. In my experience this has related to competing to my best ability at the elite level in multisport and endurance events in NZ and overseas as well as trying to train and make use of limited  training hours.

In this regard I would also recommend Fitlab to anyone who leads a busy life and wants to improve when faced with limited hours ( probably sounds like all of us) I can honestly say that this process I.e. gaining fitness baselines is a key phase of mapping improvement.

Fitlab’s product is unique and if you want to improve, forget the new bike or the flash piece of kit, this is where you should put your time and money for a start.

Website: www.danmoore.co.nz

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