Dan Barry

 About: elite rider with Budget Forklifts Cycling Team (AUS)

Services: Performance Assessment Cycling – Christchurch

Started with Fitlab: August 2012

Tools: SRM crank based Ant+ power meter

I’m a rider on the Budget Forklifts Team in Australia (Previously with Node 4 – Giordana Pro Cycling Team based in the UK) and my specialty is sprinting. Fitness testing has become an important part of my training over the last few seasons. Working with Fitlab has made this testing easy, with on-road tests providing me with the most realistic and accurate information possible. Any questions I’ve had about the testing process and how to make use of the test results have been answered clearly and simply by Andrew. I’d recommend Fitlab to anyone who’d like to take the next step up in…their training: it’s a very good way to track your improvements and see the benefits of the work you are putting in.

Website: danbarrycycling.com


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