Anthony Britton

Anthony Britton

About: Masters Road Cyclist

Services: Performance Assessment Cycling and Training Plan -Wellington

Started with Fitlab: April 2013

Tools: Powertap hub based power meter

It was some 6 years ago when I first used Fitlab’s services. I was beginning to take cycling seriously, but found those long purposeless rides not really helping me to improve. I’m a fully qualified coach myself so I well know the benefits of following a tailored training plan, based on sound measurements, feedback and technical advice.
Even though I was over 50, under Andrew’s guidance, I improved beyond my expectations. It’s not just that he trained me to a level where I could attain good times in the ‘fun’ rides, compete in club and regional races, and participate in 2 National Road Race Championships; it was mainly important to me that the training plans, as well as being set for my age and ability and designed to improve me, were really varied and interesting – so that I was always keen to get out on my bike and do the work.
I would recommend Fitlab because it uses modern training techniques based on sound measurements. Andrew has very good qualifications, not only does he have Physical Education and Design degrees from Otago University and is a qualified Teacher; but he is also a passionate cyclist who has and can compete at the very highest level. Very importantly, I always found him to be very down to earth, practical, likeable and approachable.
Many New Zealanders have the attitude that you don’t pay for training plans, or don’t realize the benefits of regular objective measurements, feeding into cyclic training plans that give incremental improvements. Yet many athletes overseas take this as a matter of course. And the really good thing is you don’t have to feel you have to compete at a high level before using a service like Fitlab, because it can simply improve your overall fitness and well-being in a purposeful way, based on how much time you have to put into the training.

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